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Facepunch Foods Minnesota Small Batch Hot Sauce and Dry Rubs Company

Do you need a Facepunch of flavor?

Hot sauces and meat rub

Hobby to business

Hot sauce

I started making hot sauce 15+ years ago, and now I am making it into a hot sauce brand! I have 4 different hot sauce flavors to or green jalapeno, hot banana pepper, and thai chili hot sauce. Facepunch also offers Dry BBQ rubs too! Check out my hot sauce store now!

New Special Editions are in the works as of 2019, so stay tuned!

Find me all over the Twin Cities


Find me online, in local restaurants, and in Bloody Mary's too! I am working on retail locations and will post that information when it is available. If you have a location interested, please have them email

Look for me on tables at:

Goody's Hot City Pizza


Gabe's by the Park

Brunson's Pub

Mancini's Char House

The Nook

Peppers and Fries

Brookside Bar and Grill

Brookside Pub

Kaposia Club

Patrick McGovern's

Eagle Street Grille

The Barber Mug

The Hilton Garden Inn-Bloomington

Locally made, regionally sourced


I am making the products locally, and I am sourcing peppers regionally, when available. Facepunch Foods will source from local farms, farmer's markets, and retailers when available. I will also utilize the peppers from south of the border, when the time of year warrants it!

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Facepunch Foods LLC

55082, Minnesota, United States

(612) 770-5648

When am I available?


Here's the soup:)


Producer of facepunches of flavor!

I am a small batch producer of delicious, amazing, flavorful hot sauces. I also have a line of dry meat rubs to enhance you meaty or vegetable meals.

Retail, fairs, festivals, and online

2019 will bring more shows and pop ups for 1 or 2 day sales. I am scheduling in some flea market dates in the summer in Stillwater, at the Washington County Fair Grounds. I will also be making pop ups at Gabe's by the Park, Shamrock's, and Brunson's. Keep your eyes on the prize! And sign up to get an email every so often too.

Hey Mikey, he really likes Facepunch

Testimonials are mounting up and I will be posting more as they come. If you really want to see what's up, check out the Facebook page, Facepunch Foods, and see what people are saying!

Dry rub seasonings available, you should probably try them

Try the dry rubs on steak, chicken, pork, fish, ribs on the BBQ, vegetables, and anything thing else edible!

Facepunch is for everyone!

You can either try them or buy them at these locations! 

Goody's Hot City Pizza-St Paul--bottles available for purchase

Brunson's Pub-East side St Paul

Gabe's by the Park-St Paul

Shamrock's-St Paul-bottles available for purchase

The Nook-St Paul

Peppers and Fries-Minneapolis

Mancini's Char House-St Paul

Brookside Bar and Grill-Marine on St Croix

Brookside Pub-Scandia

Kaposia Club- St Paul

Patrick McGovern's-St Paul

Eagle Street Grille-St Paul

The Hilton Garden Inn-Bloomington

Just the FAQs

Q: Where do you make the sauces and rubs?

A: I have a couple clean kitchens that I lease space from in the St. Paul area. Thanks to great friendships and supportive people, I have spaces to use to make amazing sauces.

Q: What kind of peppers do you use?

A:  I use fresh jalapenos, hot banana peppers, and Bird's eye chili peppers sourced from Minnesota farms, when available. I also utilize southwest and south of the border peppers during these tough winters in MN.

Q:  Can I drink the sauce directly out of the bottle?

A:  Yes, but please do so safely and have some milk available. Or maybe some tacos!